Jasenovac Reseach Institute
2005 Commemoration Photos

Radio and television presonality Barry Farber addressing the audience at
the 4th Annual Day of Jasenovac Commemoration Ceremonies.

Participants begin to gather for the 4th Annual Jasenovac Day of Commemoration Ceremonies
sponsored by the Jasenovac Research Institute. Ambassador of Bosnia and Hercegovina, H.E. Igor
Davidovic, who addressed the participants is standing on the far left.

Mrs. Ricki Danon Soltan, Holocaust Survivor born in Zagreb, meets Father Djokan Majstorovic
of New York's St. Sava's Serbian Orthodox Church prior to the ceremonies. Mrs. Soltan's parents
and close relatives were victims of the Croatian Ustashe, her father and uncle at Jasenovac.

The JRI's Executive Director Barry Lituchy opening the 2005 Jasenovac Day of Commemoration Ceremonies.

Survivor Eva Deutsch Costabel addresses the audience at the 2005 Jasenovac Day of Commemoration
Ceremonies. A native of Zagreb, Mrs. Costabel was in two camps before she escaped and joined
the Partisans in the war against the fascist Ustashe's terrorist state. An artist and author,
Mrs. Costabel has lectured widely on the Holocaust in Yugoslavia including at New York's
Museum of Jewish Heritage. Her father was one of the some 40,000 Jewish victims of the
Holocaust in Croatia.

Participants listening to some of the presenters at the 2005 Jasenovac Day Commemoration.
The special events marked the 60th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust and the Jasenovac
Concentration Camp complex where hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews, Romas and anti-fascists
of various nationalities were murdered.

Close to 200 participants attended the 2005 Jasenovac Commemoration ceremonies which included the
unveiling of the Jasenovac monument at New York's Holocaust Memorial Park in Brooklyn, New York.

Co-Founder of the Holocaust Memorial Park and long time Director and Chairperson of the Holocaust
Park Committee, Mrs. Pauline Bilus welcomes the Jasenovac Commemoration participants and special
guests and speaks about the newly unveiled Jasenovac monument which her committee helped establish.
Mrs. Bilus palyed a key role in obtaining approval for the inclusion of Jasenovac as one of the
camps recognized with a monument.

Holocaust Memorial Park Co-Founder Ira Bilus also addressed the 2005 Jasenovac Commemoration and
monument unveiling. Mr. and Mrs. Bilus have worked together for more than 30 years to make New
York's Holocaust Park one of the most (if not in fact the most) visited and well known Holocaust
outdoor museums in the world.

A special guest at the 2005 Jasenovac Commemoration ceremonies was New York City Ombudsman
Ralph Perfetto, who addressed the participants and presented special awards on behalf of New
York City's Public Advocate's Office to the Holocaust Park Committee and to Jasenovac Research
Institute for "extraordinary contributions to the City of New York." Barry Lituchy and Pauline
and Ira Bilus accepted the awards on behalf of the JRI and the Holocaust Park Committee respectively.

Survivor and Partisan Veteran Aleksandar Mo�ic addresses the participants at the 2005 Jasenovac
Day of Commemoration ceremony. Mr. Mo�ic is a Director of the JRI and Editor of the JRI Quarterly magazine.

From the Consulate General of the State of Israel, Mr. Dan Kapner - Director of Community and
Interfaith Relations - addressed the participants of the 2005 Jasenovac Day of Commemoration
ceremonies and afterwards congratualted the JRI's Barry Lituchy on the unveiling of the
monumnet to the victims of the Jasenovac Concentration Camp.

Rabbi Dr. Ephraim Isaac of the Institute for Semitic Studies in Princeton, New Jersey congratulating
the JRI's Barry Lituchy at the unveiling of the Jasenovac monument.

Father Djokan Majstorovic speaking with some of the many members of New York's Serbian community
who attended the 2005 Jasenovac commemoration and monument unveiling.

Barry Farber entertained the participants with anecdotes in both English and Serbo-Croatian.

Vojislav Kostunica, Prime Minister of Serbia and Montenegro sends greetings to Jasenovac Day
of Commemoration ceremony in New York.

President of Serbia and Montenegro, Boris Tadic, sends greetings to the 2005 Jasenovac Day of
Commemoration Ceremony.

Article in the Serbian newspaper Vesti about the 2005 Jasenovac Commemoration ceremony and unveiling.

Greetings to participants of the Jasenovac Day Commemoration in New York from the Jasenovac
Committee of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Buchenwald Survivor and wartime Jewish Partisan Leader John Ranz addresses the participants at the
2005 Jasenovac Day Commemoration ceremonies. John Ranz is a founding Director of the Jasenovac
Research Institute and internationally known speaker and Survivor activist.

Jasenovac Death Camp Victims Honored in Sheepshead Bay, Bay News article on 2005 Commemoration