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Human Rights Delegation 1999

North American Solidarity With Yugoslavia Delegation

The passenger train bridge at Grdelica, site of mass murder by NATO

The North American Solidarity With Yugoslavia Delegation was a humanitarian aid and human rights fact finding mission sent to Yugoslavia from August 1st to August 15th, 1999, sponsored by the Jasenovac Research Institute. Its threefold purpose was:

(1) to bring humanitarian aid;

(2) to conduct an independent investigation of human rights violations by NATO;

(3) to offer solidarity with and support for the people of Yugoslavia and their efforts to rebuild their country.

The delegation's co-leaders were JRI Director Barry Lituchy and well known author Michael Parenti. The delegation brought a film crew that taped many hours of documentary testimony and evidence for possible future criminal proceedings against the perpetrators of the aggression. Below you will find a selection of transcripts and photographs documenting the delegation's visit and findings. The transcripts below, transcribed by Gregory Elich and edited by Gregory Elich and Barry Lituchy, are available in paperback at the bottom of this page. They represent only a fraction of the testimonies and data collected by the delegation.

Chronology of the North American Solidarity with Yugoslavia Delegation's Activities, 1 August to 15 August 1999
Delegation Photo Gallery
North American Solidarity With Yugoslavia Delegation Press Release,
13 August 1999
Yugoslav Sojourn, by Michael Parenti, NASWYD co-leader.
We are witnessing the consequences of this bombing all over our country, an interview with Bratislava Morina, Yugoslav Minister for Refugees, Displaced Persons & Humanitarian Aid, Belgrade, 3 August 1999.
Our needs are very urgent, an interview with the Yugoslav Red Cross, Belgrade, 3 August 1999.
We are starving, testimonies of Roma and Egyptian Refugees from Kosovo, Zemun Polje Refugee Camp, 6 - 7 August 1999.
We want a normal life, an interview with exiled Roma Kosovo leader and
historian Bajram Haliti, Belgrade, 8 August 1999.
We have the right to live, testimonies of Serbian Refugees from Kosovo, Belgrade, 13 August 1999.
Testimony of Nenad Gudjic, a Serb Refugee from Kosovo, Belgrade, 5 August 1999.
Our task to survive all this, an interview with Dr. Zivorad Smiljanovic,
President of the Assembly of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, 4 August 1999.
The poisoning of Yugoslavia: Biological and Chemical warfare against Yugoslavia, an interview with Dusan Vasilijevic of Green Table, a Yugoslavia Environmental Organization, Belgrade & Panchevo, 7 August 1999.
We are very afraid of cancer, interviews with residents of Panchevo, Panchevo, 7 August 1999.
Documenting NATO war crimes, an interview with members of Yugoslavia's "Committee for Compiling Data on Crimes Against Humanity and International Law," Belgrade, 6 August 1999.
I am not guilty, and my children are not guilty, testimonies of victims of
the bombing of Aleksinac, Aleksinac, 10 August 1999.
There was no reason for this, testimonies of victims of the bombing of
Surdulica, Surdulica, 11 August 1999.
The bombing of NIS hospital, interviews with hospital staff and witnesses, Nis, 12 August 1999.
The bombing of the NIS tobacco Factory, an interview with management
and workers, Nis, 12 August 1999.
All of our dreams were destroyed, interviews with management and staff at the Zastava Auto Plant Complex, Kraguevac, 12 August 1999.
If they find me, they will kill me. Interviews with pro-Yugoslav Albanian Refugees from Kosovo. Transcribed and edited by Gregory Elich.
All of the interviews and testimonies gathered above were published as a
"white book" and submitted as evidence to former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey
Clark's "International Tribunal On U.S.-NATO War Crimes in Yugoslavia," which
convened in New York City on 10 June 2000. Two representatives from the
North American Solidarity With Yugoslavia Delegation, Barry Lituchy and
Gregory Elich, also presented reports based on the evidence collected by the
delegation along with videotape documentation. These reports are presented
by Barry Lituchy, New York, 10 June 2000.
by Gregory Elich, New York, 10 June 2000.

Interviews and Testimonies Edited by Gregory Elich and Barry Lituchy with a preface by Michael Parenti. Available for $22 from JRI. This "White Book" documents the findings of the North American Solidarity with Yugoslavia Delegation (sponsored by the JRI).
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After returning from the delegation's mission to Yugoslavia, Michael Parenti devoted himself to writing a book on the causes of the wars in Yugoslavia and the issue of war crimes. You can acquire the book by clicking the link below.

To Kill a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia

New Serbian language edition of Michael Parenti's book To Kill a Nation

contact the author at info@jasenovac.org if you are interested in purchasing this book.