Jasenovac Reseach Institute
Map & Directions

We at the JRI know of your heartfelt commitment to the cause of Jasenovac awareness and look very
much forward to your presence at the ceremony. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
    By Car from Manhattan: - Red Route on Map
  1. Take the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (B.Q.E.) Westbount to the Belt Parkway.
  2. Travel on the Belt Parkway Eastbound and exit at Exit 8 (Coney Island Ave).
    1. Follow signs for Kingsborough College. Be warned that Exit 8 follows closely upon Exit 7.
  3. The exit leaves you on Guilder Ave. You will take Guilder straight - past Coney Island Ave - and to its end at East 12th Street.
  4. Make a right turn on East 12th St.
  5. Then make an immediate left turn (at the light) onto Neptune Ave.
  6. Make another rapid turn - your first possible right - onto Cass Place (also at a light).
  7. Take Cass Place about 2 blocks past the light.
    1. West End Ave. and the Memorial Park are immediately on your left.
    2. You can find parking on the streets adjoining the park. Please follow posted parking regulations.
    By Car from New Jersey:
  1. Take any of the 3 or 4 bridges going to Staten Island and head onto the Verrazno's Narrows Bridge (no toll out of Staten Island).
  2. Exit the bridge onto the Belt Parkway going East.
  3. Now follow the directions from Manhattan (Red Route on Map)
    By Car from Queens or Long Island: - Blue Route on Map
  1. Take the Belt Parkway West to Exit 8 (Coney Island Ave).
  2. At the end of the exit turn right onto Voorhies Ave.
  3. Make another right from Voorhies Ave onto Sheepshead Bay Road at the first light.
  4. Take Sheepshead Bay Road to the end (2 lights) and make a right turn.
  5. Take the first possible left turn at the second light onto West End Ave.
    1. The Holocaust Memorial Park is on this block on your left.
    2. You may park on any of the adjoining streets. Please follow posted parking regulations.
    By Bus:
  1. The B-49 Bus stops within one block of the Holocaust Park.
  2. Any bus connection to the B-49 bus is good.
    By Subway:
  1. The best lines to take are the D or the Q trains.
    1. Both go to Sheepshead Bay Station.
    2. Remember to get a transfer ticket at the token booth.
  2. In front of the train station is a bus stop for the B-49 bus.
    1. As mentioned above, the B-49 bus stops within a block of the park.