Jacob Sedlar’s New Movie ‘Embrace Destiny’ shown in New York Sparking Controversy from World Jewish Congress

Once again, Croats and Albanians are going way ahead of Serbs in public relations. The movie by Croats director Jakov Sedlar called “The hug of destiny” is a new provocation. This film was included in the “New York Sephardic Festivalini NYC’ that was held from 2/23/-3/2/2020 in New York City.

The main idea of the film was that Albanians from Kosovo and Albania were saving Jews. In the same movie, Sedlar accused Serbs of collaborating with the Nazs, blaming them for the tragic destiny of Jews in Germany Occupied Serbia in WW2. Luckily, World Jewish Congress reacted with a statement about falsity of Sedlars movie.

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JRI Co-Hosting Efraim Zuroff in Brooklyn on March 8th at 11:30 AM

The Holocaust Memorial Committe & the Jasenovac Research Institute Cordially Invite you to a lecture by

Dr. Efraim Zuroff

Chief Nazi Hunter of the Simon Weisenthal Center, Director of the Weisenthal Center’s Israle Office & Eastern European Affairs

My Life as a Nazi Hunter: Catching the Perpetrators, Combating Holocaust Denial and Distortion with a Focus on Croatia Today

Sunday, March 8th, 2020
11:30 AM
Manhattan Beach Jewish Center
60 West End Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Sisterhood Room, 3rd floor
Entrance Fee: $20

Early Bird Price: $18 before February 29th
HMC accepts Paypal: www.paypal.me/thmcorg

Or make checks payable to:
Holocuast Memorial Committee
60 West End Avenue
Brroklyn, NY 11235

For Information: 646-801-0739

Special tour of the Holocaust Memorial Park will follow

1999 CNN Report “No Harm Done?” on the Trial of Jasenovac Death Camp Commander Dinko Sakić

Jasenovac, Auschwitz of the Balkans

Despite the fact that the trial of Dinko Sakic took place 20 years ago, and the man was found guilty, subsequent Croatian governments have continued to deny and distort the history of WWII and to pursue policies (like Tudjman) that seek to normalize the fascist Ustaše and their policies – policies that resulted in crimes of genocide against Serbs, Jews, and Romas.  A similar normalization of pro-Nazi political movements from the past have been emulated recently in other countries, particularly in the Ukraine. As in Croatia, World War II (and pre-war) fascists have been glorified into “nationalist heroes” and monuments to anti-fascists have been defaced or destroyed.

Mr. Sakic was found guilty in October 1999 of killing more than 2,000 Serbs, Jews and Romas at the camp named Jasenovac. [Please note that hundreds of thousands died there. Not just 2,000.] Among other crimes, the verdict said, he ordered executions; did not treat the sick; worked inmates to death; starved and tortured some with a blowtorch; and hanged others . . . He personally shot at least four prisoners dead, two of them for smiling.

1999 CNN Report

These trends are alarming to all those who wish to never again live through fascist terror. It’s also important to note that the numbers of people murdered at Jasenovac and other death sites were in the hundreds of thousands, numbers that are typically minimized by countries such as Croatia and the Ukraine. Recently, a US Congressman from New York, Max Rose, has commented on the global dangers that this perpetuation of fascism poses. See his Op-Ed piece in the New York Times of 13 february 2020.

The US has been sadly supportive of neo-Nazi elements in the Ukraine. Image from https://newspunch.com/the-ukraine-conflicts-nazi-heritage/

The Passing of A Great Warrior for Truth, Smilja Avramav

JRI deeply mourns the loss of Dr. Smilja Avramov, who was for many years a Member of the Honorary Advisory Board of the Jasenovac Research Institute and a long-time supporter of our organization.

We also remember her great contributions to the scholarship on and public awareness of the Holocaust in the NDH and former Yugoslavia and to the study of the extermination camp of Jasenovac.

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JRI Sponsors Unveiling of Monument Commemorating the Victims of Jadovno – Gospić – Pag

These camps were the precursor to the much larger Jasenovac camp complex, to which the surviving prisoners of this complex were sent in August 1941 as part of the Ustashe regime overall plan to exterminate all Jews, Serbs, Romas and political opponents within their territory. This permanent monument to the victims of Jadovno is the only one in the world outside of the former Yugoslavia.

The Jasenovac Research Institute hosts 18th Annual Days of Jasenovac Commemoration Ceremonies

The Lessons of Jasenovac for the Study
of Human Rights and International Law in
the 21st Century

Opening Remarks by Barry Lituchy

Keynote Speakers:

Stefan Karganović

Researcher and Author, Srebrenica Historical Project

Mina Zirojević

Author and Scholar on International Law, Genocide, Human Rights, and Professor of Human Rights, Belgrade

Dr. Ljilijana Petrović

Professor of Philosophy, Vanier College, Montreal, Canada

With a special presentation by General Carlos Branco,
former Deputy Head of the U.N. Protection Force in Bosnia 

“Understanding the Historical Facts of Jasenovac and Srebrenica:
Correcting False Narratives and Fighting for Human Rights in the 21st Century”

Danijel Simić

Stepinac, Revisionism and Denial: The Threat of Neo-Fascism in Croatia


Dear Friend,

You are cordially invited to the 16th Annual Days of Jasenovac Commemorative Ceremonies on Saturday, April 22, 2017 and Sunday, April 23, 2017.

Sponsored by the Jasenovac Research Institute

SATURDAY, April 22, 2017 – A special ceremony at the Jasenovac Monument at the Holocaust Memorial Park, Brooklyn, from 3 to 4 PM.

(Free bus transportation from St. Sava’s Serbian Orthodox Cathedral 16 West 26th Street, NY, NY, 10010. Please arrive from 1:30 to 2:00. Bus departs at 2 for Brooklyn and returns to Manhattan by 5:00 PM.)

SUNDAY, April 23, 2017 – 16th Annual Conference and Benefit Dinner at the Hotel Pennsylvania

Keynote Speakers:

  • Dario Vidojkovic, Historian, University of Regensburg, Germany
  • Jovan Pejin, Historian, Former Director of the Historical Archives of Serbia and author of a book on Stepinac
  • Eva Deutsch Costabel, Holocaust Survivor
  • Aleksandar Necak, Member, Board of Directors, Genocide Museum of Serbia
  • and other speakers

For more information please call 917-254-5164.

Come join us as we honor and remember our martyrs and loved ones and rededicate ourselves to the struggle for truth and justice for the victims of Ustashe and Nazi genocide.

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