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Memory Film Productions
203 West 107th Street #8A
New York, NY 10025

Memory Film Productions
Attn: Mr. Joe Friendly, Producer
P.O. Box 250560
Columbia Station
New York, NY 10025
December 15, 1998
 Dear Friends,
 After many years of struggle, the truth about what happened at the Ustashe concentration camp of Jasenovac is finally coming out for the whole world to see. The First International Conference and Exhibition on the Jasenovac Concentration Camps, held last October in New York, marked an important milestone in the struggle to bring out the truth about Jasenovac, and in the search for justice for its victims. Today we are writing to you to announce the upcoming release of the complete and uncut 15 hour video presentation of the Jasenovac conference plus an additional 5 hours' testimony of 7 of the Jasenovac survivors, recorded before they returned to Yugoslavia. The only remaining production work to do on the masters before they are duplicated, is to add voice-overs in English translating the Serbian, to make the information more easily accessible to English-speaking audiences. We have pre-sold 8 sets and are considering a first duplication order of 20 sets or 16 sets, depending on what interest is expressed by individuals and institutions. We have also presented a complete set, transferred in the PAL European TV standard, to participant Milan Bulajic, at our cost, for use in the prosecution of Sakic, and duplication and distribution in Europe. As result of the conference Bulajic was able to interest one of the participants, Eli Rosenbaum, Director of War Crimes Investigations Unit of the US Justice Department, to bring about prosecution of Sakic, a Director of the Jasenovac Camp who made the notorious remark in 1990 that he was only sorry he didn't kill more Serbs. Whether you were at the conference in person or not, this video set is an invaluable historical resource in itself, providing analysis, commentary, research and Survivor testimony very unlikely to be available together at one time ever again. Your purchase of this video set also will greatly assist our further efforts in bringing the testimony and analysis given at the conference to a larger national and international audience. (Available from producer)

Sincerely, and on behalf of, Memory Film Productions©,

 Joe Friendly,
Executive Producer

First International Conference and Exhibition On the JASENOVAC Concentration Camps

»Volume Number 1«
 •Airport Arrival of Survivors from Yugoslavia
 •Exhibit at Kingsborough Community College
 •Reception: Opening Speeches: October 29, 1997
 •Program Length: 1 hour

»Volume Number 2«
 •Conference Session One, October 30, 1997
 •Determining the number of victims.
 •Chair: Bernard Klein
   Antun Miletic, Director , Military Archives, Yugoslavia
   Vladimir Zerjavec, Croatian Institute of History, Zagreb
   Dr. Milan Bulajic, Museum for Victims of Genocide, Belgrade
 •Discussants: Savo Bosnic, Aleksander Mosic, Thomas Popovich
 •Program Length: 2 hours, 43 minutes

»Volume Number 3«
 •Lunch Sessions 2 and 7 (each with Q & A)
 •Lunch Session 2: Keynote Address:
   Dr. Michael Berenbaum, Director, Shoah Foundation & Former Director, US Holocaust Museum, Washington, DC
 •October 30, 1998
 •Lunch Session 7:Aleksander Mosic, Jewish Museum, Belgrade
 •October 31, 1998
 •Program Length: 1 hour, 27 minutes

»Volume Number 4«
 •Conference Session 3: Testimonies of Survivors, Part One:
 •Chair: Prof. Abraham Edelheit,
 •Survivor Testimonies:
   Mara Vejnovic, Lilijana Ivanisovic, Savo Petrovic, George Zivkovic, Bozo Shvarz
 •Program Length: 1 hour 43 minutes

»Volume Number 5«
 •Conference Session 4: Relation of Jasenovac to the Holocaust
 •Chair: Prof. Zeljan Shuster, Univ. of New Haven
   Prof. Henry Huttenbach, CUNY Grad Center
   Dragoljub Ackovic, President, Romani Cultural Center, Yugoslavia
   Dr. Eta Najfeld, MD., Belgrade
 •Discussant: John Ranz, Pres. Buchenwald Survivors, USA
 •Program Length: 1 hour 37 minutes

»Volume Number 6«
 •Conferece Session 5: Testimonies of Survivors, Part Two
 •Chair: Prof. Henry Huttenbach, CUNY Grad Center
 •Survivor Testimonies:
   Milos Despot, Sadik Danon, Cedomil Huber, Josip Erlich, Stefica Serdar Sabolic, Edo Shajer, Savo Delibasic
 •Program Length: 1 hour 38 minutes

»Volume Number 7«
 •Conference Session 6: International and Historical Context
 •Chair: Prof. Barry Lituchy, Kingsborough Communy College, CUNY
   Prof. Thomas Popovich, Nassau Community College
   Eli Rosenbaum, Dir., Office of Special Investigations, US Justice Dept.
   Prof. Christopher Simpson, American University,
   Charles R. Allen, Jr., Author, Nazi War Criminal Expert
 •Program Length: 2 hours 58 minutes

»Volume Number 8«
 •Conference Session 8: Post-Jasenovac Period
 •Conference Session 9: Closing, Establishing an International Commission
 •Chair: Dr. Bernard Klein, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY
   William Dorich, Author, Los Angeles
   Dr. Vladimir Umelic, Historian, Germany

»Volume Number 9«
 •Press Conference at United Nations on the First International Conference on Jasenovac
 •Departure of Survivors at Kennedy Airport
 •Program Length: apx. 1:30

»Volume Number 10«
 •Post-Conference Survivor Testiomonies (at their hotel):
   Mara Vejkovic, Dragoljub Ackovic
   George Zivkovic interviewed oceanside by Nadja Tesic
 •Program Length: 1:38

»Volume Number 11«
 •Post-Conference Survivor Testiomonies (at their hotel):
   Josep Erlich, Milos Despot, Savo Petrovic, Cedomil Huber
 •Program Length:1:49:

»Volume Number 12«
 •Post-Conference Survivor Testiomony (at hotel):
   Sadik Danon