Pope Pius XII, Accused of Silence During the Holocaust, Knew Jews Were Being Killed, Researcher Says

He most certainly also knew that ethnic Serbs in Croatia, long-despised as ‘heretics,’ were being slaughtered in macabre death camps, in their homes, in their churches. The same treatment was applied to Roma and political prisoners.

JRI Co-Hosting Efraim Zuroff in Brooklyn on March 8th at 11:30 AM

The Holocaust Memorial Committe & the Jasenovac Research Institute Cordially Invite you to a lecture by Dr. Efraim Zuroff Chief Nazi Hunter of the Simon Weisenthal Center, Director of the Weisenthal Center’s Israle Office & Eastern European Affairs My Life as a Nazi Hunter: Catching the Perpetrators, Combating Holocaust Denial and Distortion with a Focus […]

1999 CNN Report “No Harm Done?” on the Trial of Jasenovac Death Camp Commander Dinko Sakić

Jasenovac, Auschwitz of the Balkans Despite the fact that the trial of Dinko Sakic took place 20 years ago, and the man was found guilty, subsequent Croatian governments have continued to deny and distort the history of WWII and to pursue policies (like Tudjman) that seek to normalize the fascist Ustaše and their policies – […]

The Passing of A Great Warrior for Truth, Smilja Avramav

JRI deeply mourns the loss of Dr. Smilja Avramov, who was for many years a Member of the Honorary Advisory Board of the Jasenovac Research Institute and a long-time supporter of our organization. We also remember her great contributions to the scholarship on and public awareness of the Holocaust in the NDH and former Yugoslavia and […]