JRI Conference “Jasenovac In The Context of Other Genocides in the 20th Century” Video Available

Sunday, May 1, 2022 Suggested donation $20 Sponsored by the Jasenovac Research Institute    Prof. Gideon Greif “Two Hells on Earth: Auschwitz and Jasenovac: A Comparative View“ Aleksandar Stojanovic, PhD  from the Institute for  Contemporary History, Serbia: “On the Genocide Against Serbs and the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Independent State of Croatia 1941-1945“ Barry Lituchy, …

“Dara of Jasenovac” Now Available for Streaming

You can now rent or purchase rights to view “Dara of Jasenovac.” This is the first international feature film regarding this neglected corner of the Holocaust, that was submitted for nomination for an Academy Award in 2021. We have waited 80 years for the world to witness the truth about our suffering in a proper …

The Director and Producer of “Dara of Jasenovac” Speak Out on the Politically Biased Manipulation of the Film’s Reception

The world was never told about Jasenovac death camp, so sadistic Hitler was appalled. After seventy-five years of silence, a feature film was finally submitted for Academy Award nomination this year but was scuttled by politically motivated propagandists still seeking to hide their war crimes. The film’s director Predrag Antonijević, and Dr. Michael Berenbaum, Executive …

Politically Biased Reviews Scuttle Nomination of “Dara of Jasenovac” for an Academy Award

Critics published outrageous criticisms of the film, Dara of Jasenovac, directed by Predrag ‘Gaga’ Antonijević, which portrays the experience of Serb, Jewish, Roma prisoners in the Jasenovac concentration camp complex during World War II.. Several characterized the motivation behind the making of the film as simply Serbian “nationalistic propaganda” and chiding Serbs for claiming victimhood spanning centuries.

Pope Pius XII, Accused of Silence During the Holocaust, Knew Jews Were Being Killed, Researcher Says

(Religion News Service) —The long-awaited opening of Pope Pius XII’s wartime records lasted only a week before the Coronova virus outbreak shut down the Vatican archives. But that was long enough for documents to emerge that reflect badly on the pontiff accused of silence during the Holocaust, according to published reports. In that week alone, German researchers found that the pope, who never directly criticized the Nazi slaughter of Jews, knew from his own sources about Berlin’s death campaign early on.

1999 CNN Report “No Harm Done?” on the Trial of Jasenovac Death Camp Commander Dinko Sakić

Despite the fact that the trial of Dinko Sakic took place 20 years ago, and the man was found guilty, subsequent Croatian governments have continued to deny and distort the history of WWII and to pursue policies (like Tudjman) that seek to normalize the fascist Ustaše and their policies – policies that resulted in crimes of genocide against Serbs, Jews, and Romas.

The Passing of A Great Warrior for Truth, Smilja Avramav

JRI deeply mourns the loss of Dr. Smilja Avramov, who was for many years a Member of the Honorary Advisory Board of the Jasenovac Research Institute and a long-time supporter of our organization. We also remember her great contributions to the scholarship on and public awareness of the Holocaust in the NDH and former Yugoslavia and to the study of the extermination camp of Jasenovac.