The Jasenovac Research Institute Mourns the Passing of Historian and JRI Colleague Jovan Mirković

IN MEMORIAM Jovan Mirković November 1, 1943 – April 25, 2020 It is with great sadness that we must report the death of our friend and colleague Jovan Mirković. Jovan Mirković was one of the most important historians and authorities on the history of the Holocaust in Yugoslavia, particularly focusing on and dedicating his life to […]

Jacob Sedlar’s New Movie ‘Embrace Destiny’ shown in New York Sparking Controversy from World Jewish Congress

Once again, Croats and Albanians are going way ahead of Serbs in public relations. The movie by Croats director Jakov Sedlar called “The hug of destiny” is a new provocation. This film was included in the “New York Sephardic Festivalini NYC’ that was held from 2/23/-3/2/2020 in New York City. The main idea of the […]

JRI Sponsors Unveiling of Monument Commemorating the Victims of Jadovno – Gospić – Pag

These camps were the precursor to the much larger Jasenovac camp complex, to which the surviving prisoners of this complex were sent in August 1941 as part of the Ustashe regime overall plan to exterminate all Jews, Serbs, Romas and political opponents within their territory. This permanent monument to the victims of Jadovno is the […]

The Jasenovac Research Institute hosts 18th Annual Days of Jasenovac Commemoration Ceremonies

The Lessons of Jasenovac for the Studyof Human Rights and International Law inthe 21st Century Opening Remarks by Barry Lituchy Keynote Speakers: Stefan Karganović Researcher and Author, Srebrenica Historical Project Mina Zirojević Author and Scholar on International Law, Genocide, Human Rights, and Professor of Human Rights, Belgrade Dr. Ljilijana Petrović Professor of Philosophy, Vanier College, […]

Stepinac, Revisionism and Denial: The Threat of Neo-Fascism in Croatia

PAST EVENT FROM 2017 Dear Friend, You are cordially invited to the 16th Annual Days of Jasenovac Commemorative Ceremonies on Saturday, April 22, 2017 and Sunday, April 23, 2017. Sponsored by the Jasenovac Research Institute SATURDAY, April 22, 2017 – A special ceremony at the Jasenovac Monument at the Holocaust Memorial Park, Brooklyn, from 3 […]

PM Netanyahu’s Meeting with Serbian PM Aleksandar Vučić

“It’s an honor to welcome you to Israel, Prime Minister, Mr. Vučić. The friendship between the Serbian and Jewish people goes back thousands of years, to the time of the Roman Republic. In the modern world are two peoples were united in struggles and suffering. In the terrible years of the Second World War in […]