Jasenovac Reseach Institute
Victim List Help

Finding a victim
•1) Select a letter from the alphabet displayed across the page near the top. This will give you all the victims whose last name begin with that letter.
•2) You can sort the list of victims by any of the columns. Simply click on the column name and the list will be rearranged in order by that column.
•3) Because there are so many victims, having a link to each page would take up a huge amount of space. For this reason, use the page links to get close
      and then use the next and previous links (on either end of the page list) to find the actual page.
•4) Changing the number of results per page (ie. 50, 75, 100) will decrease the total number of pages in the list and allows the page links to become more detailed.
•5) Once you find the victim you are looking for on the list, double click anywhere on the row they are on. This will open their personal information.
Victim Search
•1) From the first box, select which column of the list you want to search in (Family Name, Fist Name, Birth Year, etc).
•2) From the second box, choose the method you want to use to search that columnn.
        a) Contains: This means that what you search for can be at the beginning, middle or end.
            If you search for "ad" with contains, things like add, bad, nada would all be returned.
        b) Equals: Will only return results that match exactly what you search for.
        c) Begins With: This will return results that begin with the text you search for.
•3) In the third box, enter the text you wish to search for and click on Go. The results will be returned in a list with the same setup and
      functions as the regular victims list.